My Daughter Needs Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit

Finding Cheap Car Insurance With No Deposit

I know this is a story you have probably heard many times before but I really need to vent. My daughter has finally decided to take a break from a draining relationship with her boyfriend. I am truly happy about her decision, though I must admit, she will face a few challenges because of her decision.

My main concern is her transportation or lack of it I should say. She and her boyfriend shared a vehicle for more than a year and now, she must purchase a car of her own. Her father and I assisted with the money to purchase the vehicle because she has very little saved, but she is responsible for the insurance. In addition to getting a new vehicle, she also had to find a place of her own. Yes, they’ve lived together for months and this is probably going to be the most challenging part of the break-up. She exhausted more than half her savings on the new place, the new car and the move.

She desperately needs cheap car insurance no deposit. I am certain that she will find coverage but want her to consider all options before purchasing the insurance. My daughter is a smart young lady and I think her decision to take things slow with her boyfriend is a good idea, but I worry about the consequences. Yes, I’m a mom and worrying is in my job description. I never encourage my kids to stay in a situation when they are unhappy but my daughter fails to plan as she should. I’m certain she didn’t just wake-up one morning and decide she needed a break. Whatever the reason, I will do my best to help her with the transition and for now, finding affordable car insurance is a priority.

As a parent, I want my children to make decisions on their own but I also want them to feel comfortable coming to me for advice. I just wish the advice didn’t always need to be accompanied by a signed check, lol. I’m only kidding. My daughter has done great and I’m confident she will continue to do so. This is only a temporary interruption in her otherwise smooth-flowing life.

Update! She found some great coverage here: