Welcome to charissayvette.com

Welcome to charissayvette.com!

My name is Charissa, I’m a New York marketing speciiast and part time fashinta. I made this blog to share my experiences of living in New York and to share fashion and make up tips.

I’ll also be posting about my day to day life and random thing’s I do. So if you’re just interested in NY and fashion this blog is not for you.

If you live in New York and want to meetup for coffe or want to collobarte on a project please send me an email at charissa@charissayvette.com. We’ll need to chat a little before we meet, I need to be sure you’re not a crazy person lol. Also protects you since you’ll hopefully see I’m not a crazy person, just weired.




Choosing Loan Places Near Me Over Payday Loans

One of the worst decisions I ever made was getting a high-interest payday loan. I’ve only just managed to get myself out from under that mountain of debt. I only got a small loan, quick money that I needed as soon as possible, but the interest almost crippled my. It was a long hard slog to pay it off but now I can say that I won’t be making that mistake again.

These companies have absolutely no compromise. No wiggle room and no allowances. They prey on the weak and those without any other choice, leaving them with no option but choosing awful terms and ridiculous rates to pay back every month. If you’re having to loan money from these places in the first place, you’re not likely ever going to be able to pay back the interest regularly. Things got so bad, that I ended up taking a second payday loan so that I could make payments on the first loan. Yes, I know what you’re thinking and I agree; the height of stupidity.

But that was before.

Recently, I decided that it was time to go into business on my own and take the entrepreneurial route in life. After working in my career for as long as I have, I know that I can take my knowledge and experience and transfer it into a highly lucrative business. A company where I can earn far more than I earn now, working to make someone else rich.

But to even get this business started, I need capital. I haven’t been able to save any real money for the past couple of years as I’ve been aggressively paying off debt. So to get that much needed money, I’m going to have to look elsewhere.

I’m done with the payday loans so I’m going to have to borrow money from a reputable source. I’ve been looking at various loan companies near me for that money and trying to figure out who’s the best company to go with. I’ve been using www.financeflamingo.com to find and compare loan companies close by.

A big benefit of choosing a local loan company is that you get to build a face-to-face relationship with them. This is good because if you ever have trouble making payments, they’re more likely to show lenience. Also, seeing as I plan on being in business for a long, long time, there’s a good choice I’m going to have to borrow more than once. Taking out the first loan and paying it back in full is going to make it that much easier to get a bigger loan later on.

My Daughter Needs Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit

Finding Cheap Car Insurance With No Deposit

I know this is a story you have probably heard many times before but I really need to vent. My daughter has finally decided to take a break from a draining relationship with her boyfriend. I am truly happy about her decision, though I must admit, she will face a few challenges because of her decision.

My main concern is her transportation or lack of it I should say. She and her boyfriend shared a vehicle for more than a year and now, she must purchase a car of her own. Her father and I assisted with the money to purchase the vehicle because she has very little saved, but she is responsible for the insurance. In addition to getting a new vehicle, she also had to find a place of her own. Yes, they’ve lived together for months and this is probably going to be the most challenging part of the break-up. She exhausted more than half her savings on the new place, the new car and the move.

She desperately needs cheap car insurance no deposit. I am certain that she will find coverage but want her to consider all options before purchasing the insurance. My daughter is a smart young lady and I think her decision to take things slow with her boyfriend is a good idea, but I worry about the consequences. Yes, I’m a mom and worrying is in my job description. I never encourage my kids to stay in a situation when they are unhappy but my daughter fails to plan as she should. I’m certain she didn’t just wake-up one morning and decide she needed a break. Whatever the reason, I will do my best to help her with the transition and for now, finding affordable car insurance is a priority.

As a parent, I want my children to make decisions on their own but I also want them to feel comfortable coming to me for advice. I just wish the advice didn’t always need to be accompanied by a signed check, lol. I’m only kidding. My daughter has done great and I’m confident she will continue to do so. This is only a temporary interruption in her otherwise smooth-flowing life.

Update! She found some great coverage here: http://www.verycheapcarinsurancenodeposit.com

Found an awesome nail shop near me in N.J!

My nail salon doubles up as a skin care clinic

When it comes to beauty, people generally pay more attention to the facial and physical features. Nails are the last things that come to mind. I, for one, beg to differ on this point. I feel that the nails are the window to your beauty and health. A well-manicured nail is always a remarkable sight. In addition to increasing your beauty, they make you feel confident at the same time.

I belong to the hospitality industry. Hence, it becomes doubly important for me to display a perfect set of nails every time. Therefore, it has become a habit for me to visit the nail salons on a weekly basis. Fortunately, I have an exquisite nail salon near me. I really admire the level of skill these young women display. Belonging to Vietnamese and Korean origin, these girls are politeness personified. I can literally trust my and hands and feet to them without having any fear of injury.

I appreciate their level of professionalism a great deal. This nail shop near me adheres to all the stipulations in matters of hygiene. They have the perfect ventilation facilities for the proper circulation of fresh air. Naturally, these places require optimum hygienic facilities. These girls take all the precautionary measures like wearing gloves, masks, etc while catering to the clientele. This is to avoid exposure to the toxic chemicals used in nail polishes, cleaners, disinfectants, etc.

Usually, you find these nail salons doubling up as regular beauty salons. In addition to the manicures and pedicures, they offer a host of other personal beauty services such as bleaching, waxing, skin treatments, etc. My salon is not different in any way. However, they have separate enclosures for each activity. That ensures they maintain the highest level of hygiene.

More than the manicure and pedicure, I enjoy the pampering they indulge. Hence, I have developed a sort of a personal attachment towards them. I love the experience a lot. I must say that I look forward to enjoying the customary two-hour stay at the salon. It gives me a tremendous sense of relaxation from the tough schedules I face every day. In fact, this is the perfect place for every member of my family. My husband makes it a point to have his monthly pedicures at this place.

There’s lot’s of nail salons near me , but I only trust one to take care of my calluses, dry skin, cracked heels, and pigmentation problems. I found by salon by chance, but I’ve had a lot of friends use: salonscompare.com.

Good luck to your salon hunt!

Moving to NJ & Looking for car insurance

Hello gals,

I’m moving from the big apple to New Jersey for a little bit <1 year. One thing I didn’t do in New York was drive, so this is going to be my first time driving a car in over 5 years. With that comes the gas, parking, car insurance and repair fees. I can’t wait to pay sooooo much money to drive a car, cough cough!

Wish New Jersey had better public transit, but since that’s not the case I’m forced to lease a car for an exorbitant fee and pay for all the little extras like car insurance.

Which by the pay is looking to be more expensive then my monthly commuter pass in New York. This is madness!

Anyway, found some quotes for cheap auto insurance in NJ.

The thing is, I don’t even know what coverage I need, or should get. Full coverage car insurance, comprehensive insurance or something else entirely. Car insurance is super confusing!

There’s wayy too many options and I have no idea what I should buy. If anyone can share a few words of wisdom with me it would be much appreciated.

I’ve scheduled a call with an insurance agent, but I don’t really trust them to have my best interest at heart. They probably want me to buy the most expensive insurance I can afford, not get whats best for me..

Big thanks to anyone that can help me out!